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WE appoints new CEO

21 Jan 2015

Logo International, owner of the Dutch clothing retailer We Fashion has named Joris Aperghis new CEO of the brand and Mikael Andersson new chief operating officer (COO). According to We Fashion, former CEO John Hind has resigned from the position.


Mikael Andersson, COO of We Fashion said "Joris is a strong leader with proven experience in business and brand organization […]. After we were able to experience his work as chief marketing officer of We Fashion last year, we are confident that he has the right skills to make We Fashion to the company that we have in mind," so Peter Truijen in name of Logo International. The human resources, product and marketing departments will be reporting to the CEO.

Meanwhile, Mikael Andersson takes over the leadership of the sales, finance, IT and supply chain departments as COO. He will report to Joris Aperghis as well.

We Fashion has currently 250 stores and 3,000 employees. It is represented in the following countries: Germany, Austria, Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Switzerland and The Netherlands.

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